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    About us
  • About OneByOne

    Our mission is to help our clients manage their technology business.

    OneByOne technology teams learn your business operations and the services that make your brand unique. Build an affordable cross skilled team dedicated to your needs. Our design and technology expertise gives you the power to compete.

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    Products management

    “We were running parts of our business with spread sheets, moving to web based tools has helped us grow rapidly” SCMG

    Use a complete management solution for orders, invoicing, payments and shipping. Let customers connect directly to software and cut down on manual processes.

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    People management

    A simple customer tool can help your sales team get the best out of your connections and grow opportunities.

    Build a digital model of your customers, staff and product offers. A web based cloud version of your business helps to service customers better and grow new opportunities,

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    Property management

    If you operate warehouse, commercial or shared spaces

    We provide web based tools to help build digital a version of assets. Get visibility for audits, occupancy, rates, compliance and invoicing of office and commercial spaces.

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  • Technology teams

    If your in-house staff is key skills or you need to scale up quickly, we provide the necessary talent. Building a remote team with our experts gives you flexibility and control over your digital assets. Ask for a rate card anytime.


    We design and build powerful web applications to solve complex business problems.

    Front End

    Responsive, intuitive Front End Development. Not only for your operations but for your customers and partner channels


    Handcrafted apps for iOA and Android to streamline all of your processes and drive customer engagement.



    Typically our clients rely on us to build and connect APIs, SAAS apps, infrastructure and code bases.


    Design is at the heart of OneByOne culture. We work hard to research and build logical and engaging software


    Quality is about persistence and an engaged culture. If you are promising a solid Customer Experience, - QA is critical.

  • Product management

    Control resources like staff, compliance, processes, office space or scheduling. "We were running our whole business with spreadsheets and paper, moving our business to web based tools has helped us grow rapidly" Waco Tao, SCMG Logistics

  • Modules we provide as a managed service;

    Property Management

    Sales, Manager Controls, Maintenance

    Warehouse Management

    Pick & Pack, Driver Control, Compliance

    Inventory Management

    Dashboards, Invoicing, and Analytics

    Time & Attendance

    Scheduling, Payroll, Recruit, Comms

  • Inventory

    Hand built enterprise solutions

    Stop using old software or a mix of applications. We can streamline your inventory management, raw material ordering, financial reporting and operations. Produce bill of materials, invoices, demand forecasts, budgets and more. We can build an affordable customised solution to suit your needs. Contact us today

    Financial Reporting

    Execute your strategy with precision

    We help our customers to rebuild operational tools and databases to make them more efficient and effective. Applications that allow teams to work faster and more securely are critical to modern work environments.

    Process Management

    Control processes and scale rapidly

    Building specific solutions for your processes and needs can be high risk and costly. OneByOne delivers incrementally so our teams can integrate and share expertise. We can build an affordable customised solution to suit your needs.


    Meet, share and grow together

    Your workplace teams are full of smart people. They need modern, secure solutions to help them share their expertise and maintain critical security needs. Get the best our of every employee and line of expertise with better solutions. 

    Data Security

    Store and ship with digital precision​

    Move to a simpler infrastructure solution based on the key platforms including AWS and Azure. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering provides a scalable, stable and robust IT solution. The AWS platform delivers virtualised infrastructure and network services such as network storage, databases, identity management, virtual private cloud and virtual servers with auto scaling and load balancing.

    Material Ordering

    Lock down critical functions

    We specialise in database driven applications with feature rich user interfaces. Our database solutions are carefully crafted to ensure optimised speed and performance. Our background includes extensive experience with leading solutions, including MS Access and SQL Server database solutions.


    People management

    A simple web based customer portal can help to track staff processes and allow sales teams to get the best out of your every opportunities.

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  • Modules we provide as a managed service;

    Customer Dashboards

    Web & mobile

    Sales Leads

    10k+ Customer records

    Customer Segmentation

    Target and grow opps

    Reporting and Analytics

    Sales data reporting

  • Know every customer

    Treat users like people that matter

    Replace manual processes, spread sheets and multiple software systems that don't talk to each other. We can help build a complete customer management solution for orders, invoicing, payments, shipping and more. Let your customers connect directly to your software to cut down on double entry and manual processes.

    Customer Management

    Give teams the power to sell rapidly

    A digital business should have a clear view of each customer to serve better and maximise relationships. Give your sales team the data they need to grow opportunities and manage your brand. OneByOne integrates solutions from leading technology providers to give you the best solution for your needs.

    Localise relationships

    Target people with relevant offers

    It pays to fine tune you sales processes for each opportunity. We treat every potential client as an individual with solutions that identify users. In each location, language, sales maturity and personal motivation the customer base needs to be understood and managed. The database of your business customers is a key asset.

    Product design

    Carefully crafted technology ​

    We integrate systems from across platforms to help our customers get the best value from their digital products. From enterprise deployments to hand built applications we work for our customers to make them successful. Your customers expect fast, simple and secure software experiences across and of their digital devices. 


    Deep expertise and attention to detail​

    Our business analysis service offering comes from many years experience servicing corporate, government and small to medium business. With a service offering including policy development, strategic planning, project management and organisational change management, our consultants can provide the management and experience to improve business operations and deliver.

    Team control

    Meet, share and grow rapidly​

    Help your sales team to work more efficiently and execute your process. OneByOne gives you everything you need to succeed right out of the box, with intelligence features to help your teams close more deals. Allow sales staff to work anywhere and on any device with the fill power of your customer relationships. Contact us today

  • Content management

    Carefully crafted digital products

    A simple Content Management System (CMS) gives your team one place to create, manage and deliver digital experiences across websites, mobile devices and POS screens. OneByOne builds easy CMS sites that your staff can securely edit and use to grow sales channels. A website needs to be relevant to the visitor, up to date and carefully crafted to execute on your digital strategy.

    Sales journeys

    New digital sales channels

    OneByOne builds simple and powerful tools for digital stores. Staff can use automated processes to upload, organise and specify products with dashboards that guard against error. We can help provide the business with a 360 degree view of the product portfolio and orders in the sales journey. We can design and build a consumer digital business carefully crafted to your brand. 

    Secure transactions

    Digital sales should be low risk

    OneByOne is the most feature rich ecommerce solution on the market for medium sized businesses. You’ll get all the tools you need to create a store and grow your sales. That includes hundreds of advanced ecommerce features, secure hosting, unlimited storage and bandwidth, all with no transaction fees. Everything is easy to learn and designed to scale with your business.

  • Operate with better visibility to resources, customers and assets.



    Property management

    Build your brand, connect your customers, grow new channels. OneByOne gives you the tools to create sales channels and branded solutions to control and grow.

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  • Modules we provide as a managed service;


    Mobile friendly


    Tasks, support, sales


    Reporting and invoicing


    Powerful sales tools

  • Digital Content Management

    Own the experience by communicating in context

    Context marketing

    Digital strategy

    Digital platforms offer marketers the chance to personalise the customer experience across all channels and deliver the right content at exactly the right time - when data you have on audience interactions indicate they're ready for it. We partner with Sitecore to build success.

    Mobile solutions

    Customer experience

    Mobile is your customers most personal device and your customers interact with your brand in purpose-driven, contextual micro-moments at lightning speed. Sitecore has captured the voices of 4,500 mobile consumers and 450 brands worldwide in our research paper, which uncovers how mobile users relate to their devices, their fast-paced environment, and brands.

    Process optimisation

    SBOS Expertise

    With a mix of business process consulting, deep knowledge of Sitecore XP, and years of experience working with customers and partners, SBOS and OneByOne help you chart your digital maturity roadmap. Together with Sitecore we help you gain quick business wins along the way. Every organisation can continually accelerate their business value by using data-driven processes that takes full advantage of new technology.

    Content governance

    The art of digital

    Content management and governance shouldn’t be about trying to avoid an expensive disaster on your corporate website. It should be about offering a great experience to your customers across a number of channels and devices, while complying with constantly changing data privacy regulations, governmental accessibility requirements, and corporate policies. Governance may not be easy, but it’s essential.

  • Agile project management

    What tools do we use to work across projects and teams?

    Project control

    Team projects

    Project manager

    Video meetings

    Chat and assets

    Assets sharing

  • About us

    Formed in Melbourne in 2006 we have grown quickly by building simple, powerful technology. We help businesses in Australia, Singapore and China to focus on their core capabilities while relying on OneByOne to delivery complex technology solutions. Call us today to discuss your business +61 3 9016 8969


  • Partnering with clients

    Our mission is to help our clients to manage their technology business. OneByOne teams quickly learn your business operations, competitors and the services that make your brand unique. OneByOne's design and technology expertise give you the power to compete more aggressively.


    We're in it for the long haul so we don't charge large project fees - instead our clients pay a base monthly service fee.

    Execute faster

    Reduce operational costs, execute faster and build a more flexible team. OneByOne teams are based in Batam Indonesia, off the coast of Singapore. We work in the same time zone as our key clients and shape our teams around domain expertise and technology stacks.


    Culture is super important to building digital products so we encourage you to visit our offices, and for our people to visit client sites.

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    We take great pride in carefully crafting every solution we support. You need week-in, week-out support and that's how we've made our clients succeed. Contact us today.

  • Who do we partner with?

    OneByOne implements and supports industry leading solutions. Our expertise on key platforms means our customers get the right systems implemented rapidly. We have hands-on experience delivering enterprise solutions with our partner products. That's critical experience to your business requirements.


  • Why choose OneByOne

    Experts on call

    Reliable tech expertise

    Each employee on your team at least three years of experience in his or her field. Each team has grown internally, trained in their technology domain and trusted with client security needs - and each is supervised by a technical lead. So you won’t run into any issue with technology expertise or client focus.

    Custom teams

    Domain expertise

    We pair you with creative leads and developers whose talents specifically match your individual needs. We don’t try to hit you with setup costs, so you’ll only pay for the work done. In fact, you get to choose whether to hire your team on a monthly or project agreement. We provide free project management tools to communicate and get in sync with your team.


    Seamless communications

    We work in your time zone. Our key projects are in Singapore, Australia, China and Indonesia. We don't pitch for work in other countries so that we can guarantee service for our clients, and build a sustainable work and personal time balance for our teams.

    Quality guarantee

    Scaleable value

    All of this is backed with ironclad NDAs. We don't share the nature of your work with anyone. Transparency is a given, and we share monthly time sheet and work reports. And finally, you get the flexibility to cancel at any time if you don't het great value.

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